This spring, the Navarrese technology firm is going to launch Telmark, its new development.
muxunav mejora el Internet de las cosas

Muxunav, a technology company from Navarra, is one of the exponents of a new generation of business initiatives that work on the Internet of things.

Created in 2008 and based in the town of Mutilva, Muxunav patented its first product in 2012: an electroluminescent label device for vending machines with which it obtained important sales agreements with the multinational British American Tobacco. That first patent was followed by another three and the firm is currently developing its product Telmark, a new development that will see the light of day in March and that the company will market in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Antonio Torres, CEO of Muxunav, has said in La Ventana de la Empresa Navarra, that his company applies new services to the broad sector of vending machines, in order to improve the control of products and with the The objective is for the machines to interact with their customers to facilitate their knowledge of the product and its acquisition. In addition to the electroluminescent labels that increased the attention of consumers, Muxunav has developed systems to facilitate the electronic change of labeling, telemetry to warn of the shortage of a specific product and allow its replacement or to guarantee the change in coins in vending machines .All this transmitted in real time over the Internet to fixed or mobile devices.

One of its challenges is to improve the internationalization of its products. Antonio Torres is optimistic about the future of the vending sector, which is growing, and about the development of muxunav S.L., now made up of three partners and working with several collaborating companies.