The Telmarkt device allows vending machines to be adapted to the Internet of Things.
muxunav Tecnología «made in Spain» para conectar el vending al siglo XXI

A device that replaces the already obsolete plastic identification labels in vending machines with digital screens and that introduces the sector to that world full of possibilities that opens up with the Internet of Things. Telmark serves digital disruption to the vending sector on a platter with totally Spanish technology ready to take on the world. “The European Commission has considered it among the most cutting-edge and innovative projects in all of Europe. It has awarded us the seal of excellence, which it only grants to 7% of the projects presented”, explains Antonio Torres, CEO of Muxunav, the Navarrese technology company that has worked on this development, which is now in the process of being commercialized. A device that, in addition to being made of biodegradable plastics, has a clear ecological seal.

“In Europe there are about 17 million polluting plastic band-aids that are changed and thrown away every year due to the continuous “brand restyling” carried out by producers,” explains Torres. An impact on the environment to which are added the CO2 emissions caused by the sales agents traveling to make these changes.

Telmarkat will contribute to reducing this carbon footprint by reducing the maintenance tasks of the three million machines that exist in the Old Continent. «They are machines that work well and their owner does not want to change them. What we do is update them, put a small computer inside these machines, in such a way that from your home you can check what you are selling, if you have stock, if a lane has broken, you have run out of changes… All You follow the sales parameters at the moment, in machines that are still 20 years old and that our device, with a price of around 180 euros, converts into state-of-the-art machines that would cost 17,000 euros on the market, a figure that a hotelier would never will pay because they will not be able to amortize their investment”, explains the CEO of Muxunav. Telmarkt allows remote control of collection, detection of breakdowns and can even be an anti-vandalism element, because it has a sensor that detects if the machine is open. And with a single click, you can change the label and prices of any product.

A patented technology that can mark a before and after in the sector, and not only in Spain. “We have drawn particular attention in Germany. There, the vending distribution market is very different from that of our country. There are operators who own 30,000 or 40,000 machines and that is why our product is very attractive to them,” explains Torres. In addition to putting a Spanish technological pike in the innovative German territory, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland are other markets in the spotlight. The vending revolution is served.