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Contactless selection and payment

Contactless selection and payment2022-03-17T12:33:44+00:00

Contactless selection and payment

Digital means of payment are rapidly replacing the use of cash in vending machines. For this Muxunav has developed the first means of payment, adaptable to all types of vending machines, in which with the simple scanning of a QR code we are offered 4 different types of payment: virtual POS, Bizum, Cryptocurrency and Pin Pad (Optional).

You finally have the option of offering your customers the ability to pay with the latest technologies like Bizum, and all this for a fraction of the cost of a traditional card holder. Muxu Pay is the best and most advanced option to incorporate into your vending machines, retail, POS or prepaid systems.

muxunav Pin Pad


muxunav QR


muxunav Bizum


muxunav cripto


Start benefiting from immediate results for your business.

Muxunav offers an integral modular solution never seen before in the European vending market. A device that can be installed in less than 10 minutes by unqualified personnel and that allows the old machines in your fleet to be transformed into state-of-the-art machines with remote management of both content (images, videos, relational marketing, augmented reality) and machine operations (stock control, price, BIG DATA), achieving greater and better visibility of your products and therefore a proven increase in sales.

Add to this the possibility of wireless payments including virtual POS, Bizum and Cryptocurrency, and we can assure that your old machine will be equipped with more functionalities than the vast majority of the latest generation machines.

You do not have to invest heavily in new machines to renew your fleet. With our innovative system, the savings are considerable – 95 % – and our modules also enable functionalities that are not even possible with the latest generation of machines.

You have doubts?

Does it allow to obtain sales tickets?2022-04-06T10:25:03+00:00

Yes, Telmarkt allows the customer to obtain the ticket of sale of the last transaction simply by scanning the Qr code.

Does the payment system have commissions?2022-04-06T10:23:49+00:00

Bizum currently has no bank fees.
As for payment with virtual POS, the commissions applied are the lowest in the market.

Does the system have telemetry?2022-04-06T10:18:26+00:00

Yes, basic telemetry is provided as standard, expandable to the needs of each client.

Where is it installed?2022-04-06T10:13:45+00:00

There are Telmarkts devices installed in Spain (including the Canary Islands), Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Is the Ticket Bai system approved?2022-04-06T10:10:33+00:00

Yes, our system is already certified and operational in machines from all sectors, issuing invoices to the administration in the required format.

Is the payment system approved?2022-04-06T10:06:30+00:00

Yes, the payment system is approved by Redsys.

How much is it?2022-04-06T10:05:13+00:00

As it is a modular device, with multiple configurations, budgets are always made based on the needs of the client and the number of machines they have. In any case the cost is always a fraction of a new machine and offering more features than these, even in the most complex configurations.

Does the installation require modifying the machine?2022-04-06T10:01:10+00:00

No, the installation is Plug&Play and does not require changing the operation or logic of the machine, it is Telmarkt that adapts to the machine and not the machine to Telmarkt.

On which machines is it possible to install Telmarkt?2022-04-06T09:59:47+00:00

Telmarkt’s digital screens can be installed in most of the models of the main brands of vending machines.
The payment system in all those that have an MDB system, the vast majority.