Digitalisation systems for vending machines

With Telmarkt V2, Muxunav offers you the possibility of a complete or partial digitization of your old vending machine, eliminating the traditional plastic product identification labels and replacing them with state-of-the-art digital screens. With our control software, you will be able to make image changes remotely, being able to include promotional videos and achieving a verified increase in sales due to the greater visibility of the product. In addition, being a modular device, it will be able to incorporate the new functionalities of telemetry systems or payment systems such as Muxu Pay.

Forget staff and travel costs to replace plastic labels, increase your sales, and include videos and promotional campaigns remotely through our advanced software.

Ticket Bai

Telmarkt is already up to date with the new regulations that modify the invoicing processes in the Basque Country, so that compliance with the “new online invoicing” is no longer a problem for vending machines.

muxunav ticketbai

Discover the new billing and how to adapt to the new regulations that modify billing processes.